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  • If you can't explain it simply you don't understand it well enough.

    Albert Einstein

Our solutions to improve the customer experience by responding instantly to the needs of the users and in a customized way for each user and secured. They are presented in the form of an interactive FAQ or an assistant.


Your user can choose between several interaction channels. The chatbot is accessible on the web, mobile, messaging as well as voice assistants.


The conversation with the chatbot can be done in several referenced languages as well as dialects, at the ease of the user.


Thanks to user interactions, you can benefit from advices on automatic improvements of the chatbot and thus improve the customer experience.


Analyze statistical, behavioral, semantic, geographic data and many other types of data thanks to an interactive and intuitive dashboard.


For a better experience, the chatbot can easily connect and integrate with other tools. It can therefore interact with your information system.

Back Office

The setting and knowledge management can be done via a simple back office to limit the use of technical resources.


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At bassite, we develop different types of chatbots that can take the form of advisers or faq in different fields such as medicine, online commerce etc. Below is a non exhaustive list of these chatbots.

About Us

Think Simple
and Make It Better.

We are a complementary team with a common goal. We have won several hackathons at the national and international level during which we have had the opportunity to highlight our innovation side.

Our Work Process.


We give life to your chatbot through an endearing and lively personality. We make it easy to use and familiar and especially adapted to the needs of each of your users.


We deploy your chatbot on all messaging platforms as well as websites, mobile applications and voice assistants. We also integrate it into your internal tools and feed it with your information system.


We improve the intelligence of your chatbot continuously so that it answers more naturally to the needs of your users and anticipates any problems.


Always as part of a continuous improvement, updates will be made regularly thanks to feedback from users of chatbot. The chatbot will only be much more attractive :)

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